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Slappy Sunday Vinyl EP


From Rebel Noise: The good news is that Hot Lunch haven’t lost any of the magic of their debut — in fact, this EP smokes. The one big difference between this and the debut, besides the actual length and number of songs, is that the EP focuses on the more aggressive facets of their sound, with five straight-up bangers that cut right to the chase. The title track that opens the release is an up-tempo rocker, bolstered by Shea’s vocals and the high-impact riffs and mini-solos from Nudelman. “Expectations” is more mid-paced, and throws some psych-rock shredding into the mix. “China Banks” revs it back up to a high-speed hyper boogie, while “Pot Of Gold” has an energetic, knuckle-dragging lurch to it, allowing Nudelman to cut loose on longer solos. “Living The Nightmare,” which is about the gentrification of the band’s hometown of San Francisco, starts off with Shea’s voice over acoustic guitar. It then explodes into electricity as the band kicks in, pauses briefly for another acoustic interlude, before getting back to the business of rocking out. This EP showcases the band delivering the goods in a big way. If you enjoyed the debut, you will thoroughly enjoy this release.